Jeff Randall
2009 Sleepytone Records

Jeff Randall has been playing music for nearly three decades. At the age of four he was given his first drumset and after that it was all over for him. By the age of sixteen Jeff had taught himself the guitar and was already recording so-called albums with his brother and various other people who shared in his passion. "I have also wanted to write and record songs. Don't get me wrong, I love the stage and playing live, but the studio for me is so liberating. There are so many possibilities."

After a decade of touring and recording with rock bands, Jeff was afforded the opportunity to do something that had always been a passion- to write and record a soundtrack. " I have always been a fan of film and music. The way that the two fit together is pure magic. Welcome to Sleepytown is not a soundtrack to a movie but a soundtrack to the book written by Mark A. Randall. "I didn't sit and watch a movie and score this record like I would if I were doing a movie, but when my brother asked me to do this, he gave me some short stories he was writing for the book, and the music just fell into place."

"When people listen to this record I want them to go somewhere else for a while. I recorded it to have that vintage sound. A simpler sound. There aren't that many overdubs. I just wanted to do a pure album, and I am very proud of what I did."

WELCOME TO SLEEPYTOWN is a blend of folk, country, a little bit of bluegrass and a whole lot of heart meant to take the listener to a place a little bit slower and simpler than the hustle and bustle of big city life.



Welcome to Sleepytown Review

Der Name seiner CD täuscht. Schläfrig wird man bei Jeff Randall überhaupt nicht. Sein Skiffle-Sound ist faszinierend, seine erste Nummer verwirrend. Aber irgendwie glaubt man an den Jungen. Und siehe da: Spätestens bei „Dark Horse“ geht man mit dem Rhythmus mit. Schon komisch. Diese Stücke würden gut in einen Jim Jarmusch-Streifen passen, so schräg, so unheimlich und doch absolut faszinierend sind sie. Den Stil festzulegen hiesse, Berge zu versetzen. Darum nur so viel: Jeff Randall weiss um die Magie des Taktes. Und setzt die gekonnt ein. Und selbst wenn man damit rechnet, dass Jeff Randall irgendeine Note anstimmt, täuscht man sich. Die Nummern sind instrumental. Aber deshalb keineswegs langweilig. Folk-Musik (mit Mundharmonika) vom Feinsten.


The name of its CD is deceptive. One becomes sleepy with Jeff edge universe not at all. Its Skiffle sound is fascinating, its first number confusing. But one believes somehow at the boys. And see there: At the latest with "Dark Horse" one goes along with the rhythm. Already amusingly. These pieces would fit well into a Jim Jarmusch strip, so diagonally, so terribly and nevertheless absolutely fascinatingly are them. The style to specify would be called to shift mountains. Therefore only so much: Jeff edge universe knows around the magic of the clock. And those begins skillfully. And even if one counts on it that Jeff edge universe any note anstimmt, is mistaken one. The numbers are instrument valley. But therefore by no means boringly. Folk music (with harmonica) of the finest one.


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