Pirate Willie's Adventure Miniature Golf
The brainchild of former mayor William McBeever, this sprawling fun center offers two miniature golf courses, arcade games and the chance to bump into one of Sleepytown's ancestral undead.

Robey Woods
Located north of town, this wooded property is perfect for camping, hiking and the occasional bigfoot sighting.

Lake Augustine
Lake Augustine is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in the entire county regardless of the supposed lake monster that lurks beneath the water's surface.

Camp Muttonchops
Hiking, fishing, camping, and swimming are but a few of the many activities available at Camp Muttonchops. Local groups such as 4-H'ers and the Squirrel Scouts hold week-long getaways during the summer months. Ideally situated along Lake Augustine and Robey Woods.

Bouffant Caverns
Come explore the natural splendor of a subterranean wonderland. See beautiful crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations found nowhere else in the state. Take a guided tour and you also might see the ghostly visage of brothers Clarence and Drayton Bouffant.


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